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Data Protection policy

Collaborative Hong Kong Women CIC Data Protection Policy

**1. Introduction**

Collaborative Hong Kong Women CIC is committed to protecting the privacy of our members, partners, and stakeholders. While we do not collect personal data, this policy outlines our approach to data protection and our commitment to compliance with relevant data protection laws, including the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

**2. Scope**

This policy applies to all employees, volunteers, contractors, and any other individuals or entities associated with Collaborative Hong Kong Women CIC.

**3. Data Protection Principles**

Although we do not collect personal data, we adhere to the following data protection principles in any incidental handling of data:

- **Lawfulness, Fairness, and Transparency**: Any incidental data processing is conducted lawfully, fairly, and in a transparent manner.

- **Purpose Limitation**: Any data collected incidentally is for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes.

- **Data Minimization**: We ensure that any incidental data collection is limited to what is strictly necessary.

- **Accuracy**: We take reasonable steps to ensure that any incidental data is accurate and kept up-to-date.

- **Storage Limitation**: Any incidental data is retained only for as long as necessary.

- **Integrity and Confidentiality**: We ensure appropriate security of any incidental data to protect it from unauthorized access or misuse.

- **Accountability**: We are responsible for complying with data protection principles and demonstrating compliance.

**4. Incidental Data Collection**

In our operations, we may incidentally come into contact with personal data, such as through email communications or event sign-ups. This incidental data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with data protection principles.

**5. Data Security**

We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that any incidental data is protected, including:

- **Encryption**: Ensuring any data is encrypted where necessary.

- **Access Controls**: Restricting access to incidental data to authorized personnel only.

- **Regular Audits**: Conducting regular reviews to ensure no unnecessary data collection.

- **Incident Response Plan**: Having a plan in place to respond to any data breaches or security incidents promptly.

**6. Data Retention**

Any incidental data that is collected is retained only for as long as necessary and then securely deleted or anonymized.

**7. Rights of Data Subjects**

Although we do not actively collect personal data, individuals have the following rights regarding any incidental data:

- **Right to Access**: Individuals can request access to any incidental data we may hold.

- **Right to Rectification**: Individuals can request correction of inaccurate incidental data.

- **Right to Erasure**: Individuals can request deletion of any incidental data.

- **Right to Restriction of Processing**: Individuals can request restriction of processing of any incidental data.

- **Right to Data Portability**: If applicable, individuals can request transfer of any incidental data to another organization.

- **Right to Object**: Individuals can object to the processing of any incidental data.

**8. Data Breach Notification**

In the event of a data breach involving incidental data, we will notify affected individuals and the relevant authorities as required by law. Our incident response plan outlines the steps to be taken to mitigate any potential harm.

**9. Employee Training**

We provide regular training to our employees and volunteers on data protection principles and practices to ensure they understand their responsibilities in handling any incidental data.

**10. Policy Review**

This policy is reviewed regularly and updated as necessary to ensure compliance with legal requirements and best practices. The most recent version of this policy will always be available on our website.

**11. Contact Information**

For any questions or concerns regarding this Data Protection Policy, please contact us at:


This policy can be customized further based on specific organizational needs and regulatory requirement.

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